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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shannon Hamann who was born in Omaha, Nebraska on March 15, 1966 and passed away on December 5, 2004 in Brooklyn, NY at the age of 38. We will remember him forever.
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Happy Birthday, Shannon.   / Victoria Heifner
You may be gone from this planet, but you are certainly not forgotten. A true original. xo
Your 55th   / Eloise Hamann (Mom)
This is the second year we'll be celebrating with only Heather because of the Covid pandemic. Fortunately, the end is in sight. Soon we'll be fully vaccinated. Corned beef and dumplings as always. We'll be thinking of you. Love, Mom
Remember your Cuba hoodie   / Eloise Hamann (Mom)
I wore your Cuba hoodie on my walk today. I haven't worn it for years, but happened upon it. I wore it frequently for my comfort that first winter you left. We observed our usual Christmas rituarls with Heather. Gifts on Christmas Eve and Stockin...  Continue >>
Another anniversary   / Eloise Hamann (Mom)
If you had been whisked to another planet when you left us, you’d be a 16- year- old now. 2020 has been a stressful year, and I’ve often imagined what you would have thought and how you would have fared. The world has been suffering a virus pandemic ...  Continue >>
Your 54th   / Eloise Hamann
Your birthday party of corned beef and dumplings has been cancelled or postponed this year. There is a global pandemic due to a new highly infectious virus. Heather fears being exposed at work. People are staying home as much as possible. Your da...  Continue >>
Christmas 2019  / Eloise Hamann     Read >>
Fifteen Years  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
The party  / Eloise Hamann     Read >>
Happy 53rd Birthday  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
... / Leif     Read >>
I haven't decided how to spend this 14th anniversa  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
Thinking of you..  / Christopher Hook (Friend)    Read >>
Mother's reader - got your book  / Sandra Linebaugh (reader of Eloise's books )    Read >>
Happy birthday Shannon  / Leif Bloor     Read >>
Your 52nd birthday  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
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His legacy

“Redemption”: The Best of Writers at Work 1994 Juni 1994
“The Violent Imagination”: The Southern Anthology 1997 *
“The Body Burners”: The Atlanta Review Olympic Edition 1996 (Silver Medalist) & The Georgia State University Review (first place contest winner)
“Transubstantiation”: Nimrod (competition honorable mention) 1997
“The Garden”: Nimrod 1997
“The Daffodil”: The Gettysburg Review Fall 1995 *
“The Kite”: The Massachusetts Review Spring 1993*
"Park Avenue Februari 14": Cover Magazine
“The Body Burners”: The Atlanta Review (Silver Medalist) Olympic Edition 1996
"Stalk": International Poetry Review 1996
"Easter": The Madison Review Fall 1994
"Hiroshima Diary": Tribes Winter 1995
“The Babysitter” & “Man’s Fate”: The Hawaii Review Spring 1993*
“Niagara Falls”: The Hawaii Review forthcoming
“The Trial”: The Bluffs Reader Fall 1992
“The Last Supper”: Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review Fall 1992
“Occupied Paris 1994 & Indian Summer”: The New York Quarterly No. 52 1993*
“The Carpenter and the Moon”: The New York Quarterly forthcoming*
“The Peony”: The Colorado Review Spring 1994*
"When Does a Bride Wear Black?" & "A Dream Day": Mudfish 8 1995
“Flicker”: Mudfish 7 1993*
“Sign”: Phoebe Winter 1993*
"The Marigold": The Hawaii Review Spring 1995; Slingshot online magazine Issue *
“The Farm”: Visions International No. 42 1993 Mockingbird and Maryland Poetry Review forthcoming*
‘Possess-possess”: Zyzzyva Summer 1993
"Beauty": Hyper Age Winter 1994
"Redemption": The Harbinger Mei 1994
"A Note on the Refrigerator" Winter 1995
"The Toy": Pavement Spring 1986

Many of Shannon's friends remember him as someone who steered his own course completely immune to traditional thinking. In fact he inspired others to search within themselves. 

Shannon's Photo Album
Painting by Attila Richard Lukacs See 5/26/09 Tribute
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