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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shannon Hamann who was born in Omaha, Nebraska on March 15, 1966 and passed away on December 5, 2004 in Brooklyn, NY at the age of 38. We will remember him forever.
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Easter 2017   / Eloise Hamann (Mother)
Douglas McDonald and Chris were here for Easter. Tia's husband, Jeff, read your poem, Easter. Douglas did not have your poetry book so I gave him one and one for a friend he knows will enjoy it. We lit your candle with crooked lettering per usual. ...  Continue >>
Easter Poem   / Eloise Hamann (Mom)
I just got back from reading your poem, Easter at an open mic for poetry month. Seemed appropriate since next Sunday is the day. I gave away four of Deathdoubledactyl, your poetry collection. I'm on my umpty umph draft of my second novel, and h...  Continue >>
51st Birthday, 2017   / Eloise Hamann (Mother)
It seems these posts aren't dated so I guess I'll mark it in the title. I seem to have missed a Christmas greeting in 2016. We passed on Christmas and took a trip to Kauai with Heather. On your day people are sending postcards to our new unduly e...  Continue >>
Recited one of your poems in a staff meeting yeste   / Tia Woodward (Friend)
Shannon, I recited your poem as an example of passive vs. active voice yesterday when presenting to the staff in SF and LA. This is how I remembered it, but don't know where I'd find the original now: Mother said to Inga returning from college In...  Continue >>
Wish we could talk   / Eloise Hamann (Mother)
Two sad events in my life. A despicable man was elected president and Leonard Cohen died. Maybe the latter is good news for you if you meet up or he continues his songwriting wherever you are. The despicable man has zero redeeming features altho...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday!  / Scott Goodno (Friend)    Read >>
Happy 50th Birthday wherever you are  / Eloise Hamann (mom)    Read >>
Say it's not true!  / Heidi Witte (Old Friend )    Read >>
Holiday time  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
Eleven years ago  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
Has Nana found you?  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
Easter / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
We remembered you on your birhday  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
Christmas Time  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)    Read >>
Then as it was, then again it will be  / Leif (friend)    Read >>
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His legacy

“Redemption”: The Best of Writers at Work 1994 Juni 1994
“The Violent Imagination”: The Southern Anthology 1997 *
“The Body Burners”: The Atlanta Review Olympic Edition 1996 (Silver Medalist) & The Georgia State University Review (first place contest winner)
“Transubstantiation”: Nimrod (competition honorable mention) 1997
“The Garden”: Nimrod 1997
“The Daffodil”: The Gettysburg Review Fall 1995 *
“The Kite”: The Massachusetts Review Spring 1993*
"Park Avenue Februari 14": Cover Magazine
“The Body Burners”: The Atlanta Review (Silver Medalist) Olympic Edition 1996
"Stalk": International Poetry Review 1996
"Easter": The Madison Review Fall 1994
"Hiroshima Diary": Tribes Winter 1995
“The Babysitter” & “Man’s Fate”: The Hawaii Review Spring 1993*
“Niagara Falls”: The Hawaii Review forthcoming
“The Trial”: The Bluffs Reader Fall 1992
“The Last Supper”: Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review Fall 1992
“Occupied Paris 1994 & Indian Summer”: The New York Quarterly No. 52 1993*
“The Carpenter and the Moon”: The New York Quarterly forthcoming*
“The Peony”: The Colorado Review Spring 1994*
"When Does a Bride Wear Black?" & "A Dream Day": Mudfish 8 1995
“Flicker”: Mudfish 7 1993*
“Sign”: Phoebe Winter 1993*
"The Marigold": The Hawaii Review Spring 1995; Slingshot online magazine Issue *
“The Farm”: Visions International No. 42 1993 Mockingbird and Maryland Poetry Review forthcoming*
‘Possess-possess”: Zyzzyva Summer 1993
"Beauty": Hyper Age Winter 1994
"Redemption": The Harbinger Mei 1994
"A Note on the Refrigerator" Winter 1995
"The Toy": Pavement Spring 1986

Many of Shannon's friends remember him as someone who steered his own course completely immune to traditional thinking. In fact he inspired others to search within themselves. 

Shannon's Photo Album
Painting by Attila Richard Lukacs See 5/26/09 Tribute
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