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are you  / Leif Bloor   Read >>
are you  / Leif Bloor
still gone? dammit. Close
Invitation to Shannon's friends  / Eloise &. Kenn (Mom & Dad )  Read >>
Invitation to Shannon's friends  / Eloise &. Kenn (Mom & Dad )
San Francisco is a beautiful city.  We are approximately 30 miles east and near BART.  We would love to host your visit.  I think Shannon would love it even more.

Eloise & Kenn Hamann Close
Reading through your tributes  / Maxine Gacke (Aunt)  Read >>
Reading through your tributes  / Maxine Gacke (Aunt)
Dear Shannon,
     "Little Shanny," you will always be to me.  I think the last time we ever saw you was the short stay you made at our house in Omaha on your way to California.  You did your laundry at our house so your mom wouldn't get mad at you bringing home dirty clothes!  Then, typically, you left your books and papers behind and we had to send them!  Ah! but you were so cute and smart. You could get everyone charmed!!  I think I have a letter from you somewhere yet.  When I find it, I'll give it to your folks.  From some of your writings I knew that you were special but just how special we were yet to realize!  Why does God take the good!!??
                                                      Your loving Aunt,
                                                       Maxine Close
Missing you  / Mom   Read >>
Missing you  / Mom
It's a chilly Sunday afternoon, perfect for giving you a call and railing about politics, movies, current events.  Greenwood Cemetary was featured in our paper today.  They give tours near Halloween and tell many interesting stories about those who are interred there.  You probably would like those stories and being connected to such a famous site.  

There's a baby shower for Vicky Wheeler today.  Heather and I had a stroller sent.  I thought of it as being on your behalf.  

We had a party last night and Heather stayed over.  She talked about how much you influenced her in college and wishes you had hung out together more.  

I came across a metal rose in a slender vase you gave me when you were a child.  I have it by my computer.  

Love, Mom Close
Still talking about you...  / Cheryl Snodgrass (Old OLD Friend )  Read >>
Still talking about you...  / Cheryl Snodgrass (Old OLD Friend )
I was sitting at a bar in Chicago, Illinois with Scott Smith and we were thinking of the people that made impressions on us during our time in Iowa City.  Your name came up and we marveled at your beauty and wonder.  I came home to search for you and found you here.  You're still a presence.  Peace.  Close
Just thinking of  / John Murray (friend)  Read >>
Just thinking of  / John Murray (friend)
Shannon.  Wish that I could find a mutual friend of ours - Zoe Glassman - but I don't have her info any more.  
I've been listening to New Order recently (things come and
go) and it's great to hear it on this site.  I think "Temptation"
is one of the greatest songs ever written.  

Would Shannon like Tapes n Tapes, or Clap Your Hands?  
I think so, but I'd like to hear his take.

Hello everyone.

The Best Birthday Ever  / Heather Hamann (sister)  Read >>
The Best Birthday Ever  / Heather Hamann (sister)
Yesterday was my birthday -- you missed it.  Again.  JKOC.  
But was reminded of the year Mom & Dad flew you from New York for my birthday.  OMIGOD!  I mean you knew, right?  You saw my face -- you heard my shriek and how I jumped up and ran to you when the sliding screen door from the deck screeched open and produced YOU!!!  I get a thrill just thinking about it all over again.  Those were such fun days we spent...and the party.  I was so proud to have you there and meet all my friends.  I love the pictures from're so cute.  God, I just think it was the single most awesome moment of my life.  I was a winning game show contestant, the hero who rescued the kitten from the burning building and got on the nightly news.  And thanks to Mom & Dad -- they knew what I really wanted!  
Also, I have that gold Nancy Sinatra single hanging over me right now.  It's on the wall behind my monitor, so always in field of view.  Wow, what a gift.  Too cool and I was so honored you thought of me when you thought of "These Boots"!  
And the dresses in the closet.  You were awesome.  Oh!  And a boa!  What a brother -- like no other!  
Thanks again Sweetness!  
Your tree Andrew bought last year is huuge...just so you know.  Sugar Banana Cookie Tree.  We love it.        Close
Shannon's Parish  / Blake Baily (buddy)  Read >>
Shannon's Parish  / Blake Baily (buddy)

Shannon’s Parish, Ninh Binh ‘97


There’s an old church in shambles, from bombs

It stands with stacks of gray repairman’s bricks

confirming puddles and stray dogs mounting each another

and men who aren’t building (thank God), too despondent to move

It was red, possibly a decent enough thing

But now it’s special; it’s holy!

A sanctuary for trees that grow from its exploded bell tower

and birds nesting in its ruined eaves


from a hundred tons of TNT

Gape Light.

It stands by itself, apart from the ugly French tourists

and Sovietty buildings

It crumbles with dignity, the kind Jesus likes

And each morning, bandaged in cotton Gap trousers and plastic sandals

I give thanks to U.S. bombs, Shannon

I’m wearing green

I’m wearing green, Shannon Close
Remember Easter  / Mom   Read >>
Remember Easter  / Mom

Remember that Easter (2002) you were with us recovering from your waverunner accident.  We had your friends over.  You wanted an Easter Egg hunt.  We stuffed over 100 plastic eggs with chocolates.  I hid the eggs in nonobvious places so you and your friends would have to genuinely search.  We were finding eggs for months afterward.  Yesterday, I took down a hanging artificial plant to rinse off accumulated dust in the shower. I left it to drip dry.  When I returned to pick it up, a turquoise plastic egg rested in the corner of the shower.   Remember Easter, your poem, my favorite.  Love, Mom 

hey you owe me $30  / Andrea Ryder (friend)  Read >>
hey you owe me $30  / Andrea Ryder (friend)
but shannon -- don't worry about it, you've paid me back in millions by dragging me out to that black tie party. you know it and i know it. you feel kinda near today -- the city feels good today. you'd like my new hood. lots of urban decay that i like to get lost somehow feels private, like it's not comletely taken over by the predictable. kinda like your old hood. and just a short bike ride apart... Close
New music and ramblings  / Heather (sister)  Read >>
New music and ramblings  / Heather (sister)
Hope you like it...I know it's 'college-y' and just plain old and there's another word, but I won't write it here!  But my mind goes directly to you when I hear some of these lyrics and we did enjoy the synth-y techno back in the day.  Remember turning Mom on to "Blue Monday"?!  (Chicken wing-chicken wing)
I'm confident that "I've never met anyone like you" is a sentiment widely shared.  I know I will never meet anyone remotely like you!  Forget about 'quite' like you...
We should all be so lucky! 
And while, 'we've lost you, we've lost you, we've lost youuuu' will always be ours.  Mine.  My Baby Brother Doll.  Close
Defrost, defrost.  / Leif Bloor   Read >>
Defrost, defrost.  / Leif Bloor
Awaken. Close
Rise dammit  / Heather Hamann (sistah)  Read >>
Rise dammit  / Heather Hamann (sistah)
Mom had my exact idea.  Why doncha make like Jesus and pay a visit?  Actually you are with me every day.   Did you hear me bragging about you last nite?  Everyone loves your know that huge framed picture I have of it. 
You gave Easter such import.  I  think about what you said today -- that Easter should be bigger than Christmas.   Close
Easter, My Shannon Experience.  / Myra Heuer (grandmother)  Read >>
Easter, My Shannon Experience.  / Myra Heuer (grandmother)

It is Easter, and I am prompted to share my Shannon experience.

Last August, 2005, I visited Victoria in Oregon.
We decided to go to the movie,  "The Lion.  The Witch and the Wardrobe."
Towards the end of the movie,   there was a battle led by the lion Aslan [Lord]  to overcome the witch and her evil followers.

King Peter was leading the good forces against the evil ones.             Suddenly, very large on the screen, there was King Peter in his armor and on a unicorn.       But what I saw in the face of King peter was the face of Shannon, very vividly Shannon..       I gasped, and said something like, 'that's Shannon or that looks like Shannon.'
Victoria agreed.    It was not just a passing thing, it stayed with me, very vividly Shannon.

Victoria and I agreed we would not share this ---yet, because we wondered, if you, his family would get the same effect should you see the movie.

Now back to Shannon as a little boy.   I recall how he would draw a picture for me of the 3 crosses on a hill.

Easter,    the time when Christians celebrate Christ's death and resurrection, opening the gates to everlasting life.

I believe Shannon loved good over evil.   seeing his face in the battle for good over evil left a lasting impression on me.

Have a Happy Easter tomorrow,  Eloise, Kenn, Heather and Andrew.    I'm sure Shannon will join you.     
Blessed be his memory.

love Mom/Nana.

Got it.  / Michael Weholt (Pal)  Read >>
Got it.  / Michael Weholt (Pal)
Shanny: Got the G.C. for Peter Luger's. I was shocked, to say the least. This sort of Heavenly Intervention qualifies as a miracle, doesn't it? All you need is two more and you'll be on your way to beatification. I'm pretty sure there isn't a St. Shannon yet, so you're practically a shoe-in. Anyway, thanks again. I really appreciate it and will think of you as I tuck in. Love, M. Close
Happy Belated Birthday Shannon  / Lori Aspaas (Cousin)  Read >>
Happy Belated Birthday Shannon  / Lori Aspaas (Cousin)
Happy Belated Birthday to you Shannon!!  Sorry this is late, just wasn't sure of the date. You are always on our minds, you share a March birthday with our daughter Holly who turned 20 on March 7th. Happy 40th from all of us in Arizona!! Close
A tribute to Shannon's friends  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)  Read >>
A tribute to Shannon's friends  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)
The candles and tributes show that Shannon lives on in our memories. This is of great comfort. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Shannon would be pleased. Close
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free  / Leif Bloor   Read >>
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free  / Leif Bloor
wish you would come back. happy birthday. Close
You still owe me $60  / Michael Weholt (Pal)  Read >>
You still owe me $60  / Michael Weholt (Pal)
OK, maybe you paid part of that $60 back already, I'd have to check, but whatever you still owe me I'll give you a pass on that if you'll be our guardian angel for a while. I don't know what the rates are up there, if it's by the hour, or what. You figure it out and let us know. You must know how much we could use guardian angels down here, so do what you can. Maybe you could make it your birthday present to all of us on your birthday. Kind of weird, I know, but endearing too. That's how we'll know it's you. Anyway, happy birthday, pal. I'm thinking of you today (and a lot of other days, too). And not just about the $60 part, either. Love, M. Close
It's Your Birthday!  / Scott Goodno   Read >>
It's Your Birthday!  / Scott Goodno

You were right about how amazing the lyrics of T Rex's
"Bang A Gong" are but I would never admit to it in New
Orleans. My head has become a lot softer than it was twenty years ago though the front of it still smiles when I
think of trolling the seedier bars with your photo after your
"disappearance".  You walking barefoot, tattered and
drunk into Commander's Palace.
A braver bodyguard I'll never find.
Happy Birthday, Dammit.

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