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Happy Belated Birthday Shannon  / Lori Aspaas (Cousin)  Read >>
Happy Belated Birthday Shannon  / Lori Aspaas (Cousin)
Happy Belated Birthday to you Shannon!!  Sorry this is late, just wasn't sure of the date. You are always on our minds, you share a March birthday with our daughter Holly who turned 20 on March 7th. Happy 40th from all of us in Arizona!! Close
A tribute to Shannon's friends  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)  Read >>
A tribute to Shannon's friends  / Eloise Hamann (Mom)
The candles and tributes show that Shannon lives on in our memories. This is of great comfort. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Shannon would be pleased. Close
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free  / Leif Bloor   Read >>
Ollie Ollie Oxen Free  / Leif Bloor
wish you would come back. happy birthday. Close
You still owe me $60  / Michael Weholt (Pal)  Read >>
You still owe me $60  / Michael Weholt (Pal)
OK, maybe you paid part of that $60 back already, I'd have to check, but whatever you still owe me I'll give you a pass on that if you'll be our guardian angel for a while. I don't know what the rates are up there, if it's by the hour, or what. You figure it out and let us know. You must know how much we could use guardian angels down here, so do what you can. Maybe you could make it your birthday present to all of us on your birthday. Kind of weird, I know, but endearing too. That's how we'll know it's you. Anyway, happy birthday, pal. I'm thinking of you today (and a lot of other days, too). And not just about the $60 part, either. Love, M. Close
It's Your Birthday!  / Scott Goodno   Read >>
It's Your Birthday!  / Scott Goodno

You were right about how amazing the lyrics of T Rex's
"Bang A Gong" are but I would never admit to it in New
Orleans. My head has become a lot softer than it was twenty years ago though the front of it still smiles when I
think of trolling the seedier bars with your photo after your
"disappearance".  You walking barefoot, tattered and
drunk into Commander's Palace.
A braver bodyguard I'll never find.
Happy Birthday, Dammit.

Baby Brother Doll  / Heather Hamann (sister)  Read >>
Baby Brother Doll  / Heather Hamann (sister)
I like to think I'd be in New York City with you right now planning and ultimately throwing the biggest bestest 40th birthday party ever.  Hard to imagine you 40...even though you threw yourself a 40th birthday party when you were 38.  Did you know something we didn't? 
I can't believe you left us -- you did -- but thanks for leaving me/us with a pile of incredible memories.  My God, your wicked humour, keen sense of justice...when you were sweet you were profoundly so...that clumsy hug you managed to give me the last time I saw you...  your creativity was always had great ideas about what to do, wear, where to go, etc.  That time you forgave me.  I've always maintained a broken (and taped) heart for you, for all the pain you experienced.  I knew I was capable of murder when I found out someone had threatened you.     
I'm glad you got to see so much of the world, and apparently be a force in the lives of others.  I do so adore your friends and am so thankful for them and all they've shared with us about you.  Sometimes I'm just thankful for friends period, because I think you can 'try one's patience.'  ;)  Anyway, your spirit skitters across all our conversations.    
I hope you like your website.  You probably wouldn't remember but after your head injury I put walkman headphones on you...this song was playing...and you pulled them off, your eyes welling up, saying 'No, it's too beautiful'...You'll always be a young dude, eh?
Birthday note from NYC  / John Murray (friend)  Read >>
Birthday note from NYC  / John Murray (friend)
I'm still waiting for your phone call, Shannon, I'm bored.  Nothing wrong with having a personality. We need them.  Spring is almost here but then it's a trick and will turn cold again.  The 'Ides of March' ... even though we weren't sure that really meant anything.

Thank you for the web site.  Happy Birthday Shannon. Close
Happy Birthday  / Donna Hurth ^i^ Sarah's Mom   Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Donna Hurth ^i^ Sarah's Mom

Thinking of you  / Donna Hurth ^i^ Sarah's Mom   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Donna Hurth ^i^ Sarah's Mom

Dear Shannon, I light this candle in memory of you.  May it shine brightly forever, as you will forever be loved and missed.  Sending love and prayers.  Donna
fear and fearlessness  / Blake Baily (buddy)  Read >>
fear and fearlessness  / Blake Baily (buddy)

You really scared me sometimes, Shannon. Maybe that was because I'd never been as close to someone so willing to operate in the world with such confidence and resolution and wrathfulness. You should have been beaten up much more often than you actually were. I remember going down Pitt St. and you told me  what a precocious child you were. Well, you were a precocious adult. You were a sage in beautiful, young skin. You ate watermelon in the middle of the street, and it ran down your chin and chest, and you OWNED the lower east side. I'll carry you with me, Shannon. Yours always, and never, of course.

Too good not to share  / Emails To The Hamanns (Friends (kept anonymous) )  Read >>
Too good not to share  / Emails To The Hamanns (Friends (kept anonymous) )

Everybody is unique yet Shannon was more unique than everybody. He kept reminding me of that soaring seabird sung by a romantic french poet, that looks on tempests and is never shaken and yet when brought to earth the very wings that enable such flight encumber him and provoke mirth.

Shannon sure did get a kick out of being mischievous. I experience him as a mixture of two gods or demi-gods: Pan, a god of creativity, music, poetry, sensuality and sexuality, or panic and nightmares, who haunts forests, caverns, mountains, brooks and streams. and Bacchus the demigod of other watering holes. Pan is a symbol of unbridled male sexuality coupled with refinement. Bacchus, the Roman version of the Greek Dionysus, god of wine and intoxication, of wild, uncultivated nature, of ritual madness and ecstasy.

The Sunday after Shannon's funeral and reception I was working at my desk when the wild fluttering of a rock dove (otherwise known as a pigeon) - all white - grabbed my attention. It was on my window guard and remained there for a minute or so. I looked up what doves represent in various traditions. The following site is interesting:
I am much richer for having shared time with your son.  ¨

Donna and I were almost finished cleaning out shannon's place in
Brooklyn.She was waiting on the stoop outside for her friend to come and pick up
the computer. I was in shannon's bedroom, just kind of standing there,
kind of crying, kind of not knowing what to do next. It was really
quiet and this fat white bird landed on the fire escape outside and
flapped it's wings around--startled me enough that I yelped & jumped,
and without even thinking, I said "oh, hi, Shannon!" and giggled a
little. Then I ran down all those flights of stairs to tell Donna. About half-way down, i looked out the stairwell window into the courtyard and
saw the same fat white bird perched on a window casing across from me.
I yelled to Donna and she came running up, concerned, and I said "check
it out! look at that fat white bird!" and without hesitation, she said,
"Shannon!" this was not my imagination, because Donna saw it, too.

Next day, I emailed heather that Shannon is a fat white bird.

He  started bringing home junkies & homeless to sleep in our living room-
just so that they'd have a warm place to sleep & some
food.  I bought into his "rent to the ideal" concept every time, even when, say, my camera or TV or whatever would accompany our 'guests' back out into the  streets... ¨

Shannon will always be in my heart as one 
of the sweetest most intelligent people I
had ever had the pleasure to know. I wish
I had met him sooner and known him longer. ¨
One more thing, for now:  unlikely as it
might seem, Shannon loved the movie "my
best friend's wedding." he even owned the
video. He and I watched it together a few
years ago in his apartment on Pitt street,
on a warm summer evening, after we'd spent
the afternoon relaxing in a kiddie pool on
his deck. I think he related in various ways
to the Julia Roberts character: willful,
determined, and not always concerned with
the "right" ways to behave--but ultimately
a good and honest and loving human being. ¨

I am really glad that his work is being celebrated.  It is remarkable work from a remarkable man.  My brother  and I particularly loved Shannon's mischievousness as well as his wit. We will all miss him.¨

You really did bring an amazing individual into this world that brought
a lot of love, comfort and joy to his friends………… 
there he was knocking at my door ready to go shopping for peaches.
I was a chef for 5.5 yrs while I lived there so I guess he knew I
could appreciate an education on what made the best peach that
particular day.  He had it down to a science, the time of year that
he'd double his intake because they were only "ok" for the months
to follow, the color,texture,type, taste and what a fair price was
at that particular time. Some days we'd walk to the farmers market
in union square. Other times the peaches were better at a Korean deli
on some random corner in chinatown. I think of him several times a
day and try to find comfort in knowing he sees me and knows how
I'm feeling. ¨
A colleague at the Japan-US Friendship Commission passed your 
blog entry along to me.  Mr. Hamann was about to begin a 6 month
fellowship on the US-Japan Creative Artist program, a fellowship
jointly administered by this Commission and the National Endowment
for the Arts where artists spend six months in Japan studying
Japanese culture and its manifestations in their particular field.
Shannon's selection in this program is truly an accomplishment
as the competition is rigorous.  (We had over 120 applications
for 5 slots this year.) We were looking forward to welcoming him
on what would have undoubtedly been a productive and wonderful
experience.  Please accept the sincere condolences of the
Japan-US Friendship Commission and the National Endowment for the
Arts at Shannon's tragic loss.  Your friend was an eloquent and
outstanding artist. ¨
 In his own way Shannon is alive in our household. I hope you
and your family get through the holiday season okay. We all know
how Shannon loved Christmas.¨
I still REALLY miss him, especially when I hear some bizarre thing 
on the news or someplace, and I get that urge to email or call him
because as far as I know, he's the only person on the planet who
will have a similar reaction, and I can't wait to tell him. 
He'll holler "oh I KNOW!!!" and we laugh our heads off at our
mutual outrage (or other emotion) and then jokingly riff on the
topic until we can't breathe from laughing!  I don't know anybody
else like that.  ¨
I will always keep a great memory of Shannon.¨
In remembrance of Shannon  / Carol And Gene Booth (friends of his parents )  Read >>
In remembrance of Shannon  / Carol And Gene Booth (friends of his parents )
In remembrance......Gene and Carol Booth Close
An artist's life  / Andrea Ryder (friend, editor )  Read >>
An artist's life  / Andrea Ryder (friend, editor )
It's a lovely site.  I really enjoy looking at all the pics. And can go to it anytime, again, and again. Such a wonderful, strapping, talented, and unique Shannon.  Dear to our hearts, always.  So glad you made this site.  It really speaks of Shannon's life, and what an adventurous life he had -- Italy, Colorado, California, Mexico...Not without its luxuries too.  A real artist's life, with its ups and downs. So looking good in Italy!!!  It's really impressive to see all the prizes he won. Can't help thinking he would be in Japan right now. A very talented voice. Shannon is the only poet who has received ( and great, positive) feedback from readers on Slingshot Magazine. His words will outlive us all. Again, thanks for the site, Eloise. Close
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